All your favorite content, and more - home With Hilliary you have access to a wide range of channels, many of which are in HD, and tons of local news, weather and Sports. With Oklahoma City Locals and Lawton/Wichita Falls Locals, you will be covered when severe weather strikes.

We'll Keep You Entertained.

Why Hilliary Communications Video?

Great entertainment with no contracts is simply better.

Up to 200 Channels

Enjoy up to 200 channels, including up to 45 FREE high definition channels and 50 FREE digital music channels. Plus, you can add special interest channels for more sports, movies, and family programming tailored to your specific interest. See what channels are available in your area.

No Contract Required

Monthly Cable Service

Basic Service (80 channels) $58.95

Digital Upgrades

A Digital Box Is Required For Each TV You Wish To Have Digital Service On

1st Digital Box $10.00
Additional Digital $5.00/each
DVR* Service $7.00/each

*DVR Service Is Only Available With A Digital Box Rental


Premiums Only Available With Digital Upgrade

Digital Basic $10.00
HD Basic $7.00
HBO The Works $17.00
Showtime Unlimited $13.00
Starz & Encore $13.00
Multi-Max $13.00
HBO & Multi-Max Bundle $25.00

You must subscribe to the Basic Cable Service in order to add any Digital packages to your account.

Optional Monthly Services

Wire Maintenance $3.95
Static IP Address $9.95
Local channel and sports surcharge $5.95

Installation Charges

Cable Only $35.00
Digital Box or DVR $39.95
Internet Only $39.95
Digital Cable Only $39.95
Cable & Digital or Modem $70.00 Total!!!
Add Cable Outlet $15.00
Digital Box (1st one/monthly) $10.00
Digital Box (additional ones/monthly) $5.00
Dual DVR Box Rental (monthly) $7.00
Cable Modem Lite w/o cable $29.95
Cable Modem Basic w/o cable $44.95
Cable Modem Premium w/o cable $54.95
Cable Modem Lite w/cable $24.95
Cable ModemBasic w/cable $39.95
Cable ModemPremium w/cable $49.95