Richard Burton

Richard Burton

Fiber Tech Manager

Industry Experience: 26 Tenure with Hilliary: 9

With more than 25 years in the communications industry, Richard is currently the lead fiber splicer and planner for the Hilliary companies.

He has developed both cost-saving and technological advances for Hilliary’s fiber platform. Richard gained extensive knowledge of working with fiber counts in excess of 1000-count while working in the downtown Dallas metro area, which has aided tremendously in the engineering of Hilliary’s network. He oversees multiple fiber splicers and audits, documents, and records all splicing for MATRIX of fiber systems.

Before joining Hilliary, Richard worked with Suddenlink Communications, where he prepared and spliced a certified transportation fiber route between Arkadelphia and Malvern, Arkansas. He also performed all duties involved in the installation of an FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) system in Forney, Texas, and was responsible for maintaining and repairing the fiber systems.

Richard also prepared and performed all duties in the relocation of fiber routes for road and highway widening while working at Time Warner Cable.

Richard comes from a rodeo family, and in his spare time he enjoys coaching his grandchildren in rodeo events.