Michael J. Hilliary

Michael J. Hilliary


Industry Experience: 25 Tenure with Hilliary: 25

Mike holds various executive roles within Hilliary Communications, Oklahoma Western Telephone Company, Texhoma Fiber, Hilliary Construction, and Southern Plains Cable, among others. He currently works with the outside plant construction division and has extensive knowledge of the wireless broadband industry.

As a managing partner, Mike oversees new construction and plant upgrades across the ILEC and CLEC plants. He plays a vital role in the strategic planning and development of the Annual Budget and Operation Plan and supervised the assessment and evaluation of a plant at Oklahoma Western Telephone before and after Hilliary Communications purchased the company in 2016.  At present, Hilliary Communications is deploying a new FTTH system of 8,000 new homes in central Oklahoma.

Mike previously served as President of Wichita Online, Inc., serving 4,000 customers across central Oklahoma with wireless broadband.

Now serving as vice president for Medicine Park Telephone Company, Mike started as a part-time installer in 1993 and moved up to Field Technician in 1998. As a Central Office Technician, Mike was instrumental in the switch to DSL and helped install DSL equipment.

He led projects such as the replacement of Medicine Park’s switch and upgrade to fiber on the DLC network, which allowed the company to reach 100% of customers with DSL speeds of 3MB.

Mike is also the Vice President of ISP Development for Southern Plains Cable, serving on the Board of Directors and assisting in testing and implementing cable modem service throughout the cable systems.

In 2006 Mike became president of the newly formed Wichita Online, Inc. He was responsible for the day to day external operations of the company and managed an office staff of five Customer Service Representatives, seven Installers, and two Tower Technicians.

As president of Wichita Online, he worked to build out a network that now includes over 100 tower sites and completed over half of the proposed 52 community Wi-Fi build-out projects. He also reviewed the eligibility of communities proposed for Community Connect Grants.

Mike is active in his community, supporting and serving the Elgin FFA. He feels compelled to give back to the community by helping to provide scholarships to students in the Elgin School System. When not working, Mike travels and spends time with his children and family while serving as vice president of the Meers Saddle Mountain Ranch, the Hilliary family’s show and cattle ranch in southwest Oklahoma.