Benne Brewer

Benne Brewer

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Industry Experience: 10 Tenure with Hilliary: 2

As Director of Strategic Partnerships, Benne pursues and maintains business partnerships within our local community and supervises the Sales Department. Benne has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and community relations and is Hilliary Communication’s point-of-contact for national chains, large enterprises and tribal governments. He also oversees the operations of the Community Connect facilities and their staff.

Benne is an Elgin native and serves as vice president for the Elgin Chamber of Commerce. His ties and involvement with his community led him to the Hilliary family. Often found at Elgin community events, nonprofit events and school sporting games, Benne continues to grow his community and grow Hilliary’s ties to the community.

Prior to joining Hilliary Communications, Benne was the marketing manager for Apache Casino Hotel where he was responsible for developing a strategic marketing plan to increase revenue and garner loyalty. He partnered with department heads to plan events and negotiated with trade shows and other venues to highlight the property.

He also served as an on-air personality with Townsquare Media and was an administrative coordinator for the Oklahoma Blood Institute. At the OBI, Benne guided employee actions by researching, developing, writing, and updating administrative policies, procedures, methods, and guidelines and communicating developments to management.

Benne says one of his most rewarding roles at Hilliary Communications is overseeing the operations of the Community Connect grant from the USDA, which helps bring broadband technology to areas considered underserved in the Hilliary service area and beyond.

In addition, Benne is also Hilliary’s point man for the E-Rate program. The E-Rate program is a federal program that provides discounts to public K-12 schools and public libraries purchasing data transmission services, telecommunications services, Internet access, Internet connections, and basic maintenance of internal connections.